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Beyond Havok is a Munich-based band combining classic Heavy Metal in its music with influences from the sub-genres Melodic Death and Thrash Metal.

The band was founded a few years ago under a different name without any live shows or published records. Several changes in the line-up followed, affecting the lead vocals, lead guitar and bass positions. In summer 2015, the new core of the band has been formed under the name "Beyond Havok". A creative break and a sequence of (re-) recordings of existing songs and new compositions followed to have appropriate demo material ready. Individual live shows followed until the Corona pandemic put many rehearsal activities to a standstill in 2020. We used this period to adapt our overall instrumental tuning to further improve our sound and kick-start new home-recording projects on this basis, with the objective to release a first "official" record.

Some of us have a different musical background when it comes to the different subgenres of rock and metal. This can also be seen in the various bands that inspire us and the result is that our songs combine a wide variety of elements. Since each of us allows his influences to flow into the songwriting, some exciting projects arise. In essence, there is a clear focus on melodies, (guitar) riffing and harmonics, as you may identify with classic heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Accept or Judas Priest. More melodic inspirations come in from thrash and melodic death subgenres you may connect to bands such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Overkill, Kreator, Testament or Trivium.

Thus, the band does not sound explicitly like a classic Heavy, Thrash or Death Metal band. Our music is a constructive mix that shall be appealing to old-school metalheads and melody enthusiasts, just as we don't want to miss bringing modern patterns and skilled riffing into our own compositions. We can't wait to eventually publish our continued musical effort on a record and enter stages wherever there are opportunities for us.